at Midstate Kart Club

01/04/2008 News: New online home for Land of Lincoln Supermoto, Click Here.
Mitch and Mid-Illini Motorsports are taking over the series for 2009! This is a great thing for the series, as it now has a home with a group who have dedicated their lives to motorsports. Mitch is the guy who is taking this thing to the next level, so if you have any ideas, drop him a line, the sky's the limit.
10/20/2008 News: November 2nd Entry Form, Click Here.
09/10/2008 News: Saturday, September 27 Entry Form, Click Here.
06/28/2008 News: July 13 Entry Form, Click Here.
06/25/2008 News: 2008 Schedule Complete, see above.
06/23/2008 News: 2008 Schedule 99%, July 13th entry form will be up this week!!
05/27/2008 News: Entry Forms are in the mail and also available by clicking here. A new option this year, you can call Mitch at 309-353-7223 and enter by credit card!! And for anyone interested in running Pocketbike, just write it in on your entry form. Class rules are also listed below.
05/20/2008 News: Times for the June 8th race. Gates open at 8am. Tech inspection at 8am. Practice sessions begin at 9am. Racing will immediately follow.
Also, the gates will be open the night before for those who wish to arrive early and camp. The track has only primitive camping facilities, i.e. nothing but a place to park and a couple porta-potties.

05/18/2008 News: The 2008 Season Opener will be June 8th. We apologize again for all the delays so far this year. Keep an eye on this site for more details coming very quickly. The rest of the shedule will be here soon. We will also be adding at least 2 new classes. Some of you may know Mitch Stein, the guy usually dominating or wrecking spectacularly in the pitbike class, he is joining the promotion team. Mitch is actually the originator of the series, before it was Land of Lincoln, before even Gateway Supermoto. Welcome back Mitch.

01/08/2007 News: It's now 2008 and racing season is approaching...
  Apparently the warmer weather recently has given everybody the SM bug. We've had a lot of recent calls and e-mails inquiring about the 2008 series. So, we would like to thank everyone for their interest and give you some updates.
  The bad news first: Everybody's biggest question has been about the schedule. It's not set yet. We're waiting on some other people to finalize their schedules before we can set firm dates. We try to work around the AMA SM series dates, AMA Dirt Track, Superbikers2, District 17 MX if we can, and we kinda have to use dates when our track isn't already spoken for.
  But the good news: There is a high probability of at least one new class, for POCKETBIKES!! Depending on the feedback we receive, there may be more than one class for these little bikes. Of course they will only run the pavement. We are also still looking into finding insurance to cover an atv class.
  Also, there will be 5 races again this season. We are still trying to put together a school, so maybe this year it will happen. There will continue to be no transponder fees. Entry fees will most likely remain the same. We will also continue to tinker with the track layout, including at least one backward race. So, for any further information, stay tuned to and

09/30/2007 News: Official Final Series Standings posted here.
Thanks again to all of our sponsors and all those who came out this season!
Series awards will be shipped soon. See you next year.
Stay posted to this site for next year's schedule.

09/26/2007 News: September 30th entry form available here.

08/27/2007 News: Series Standings Updated to Include the 8-26 Race.

08/08/2007 News: The August 25th entry form are in the mail.

08/05/2007 News: The August race has been moved from the Sunday the 26th to Saturday the 25th.
One more night race!!

07/30/2007 News: Series Standings are updated to include the 07/28 race
Results will be up soon. Sorry for the delay.

07/18/2007 News: 07-28 Entry Forms are in the Mail now.
Footpeg sliders are still required except on mini's.
The July race will feature a new dirt section!!

06/07/2007 News: Series Standings are up!
There are some very tight races for Series positions. Who wants to run the #1 plate in their class next year?
Dirt Section rebuilding starts soon...

04/24 News: There will no longer be Transponder Rental Fees!
We have added a new mini class and changed the mini class breakdown.
There will be some other class changes coming soon for May 27th.
Footpeg sliders will now be required on all bikes, except mini's. 

Class Breakdown:

Open Money

-Open Displacement Single or Twin Cylinder Dirtbike
-Must ride at least one other class
-Minimum 100% Payback
-Starting Grid Priority Based on Open Expert Results


Open Expert

-Open Displacement Single or Twin Cylinder Dirtbike


Open Amateur

-Open Displacement Single or Twin Cylinder Dirtbike



-Must be at least 35 years old
-Open displacement Single or Twin



-Up to 125cc liquid-cooled, two-stroke Single
-Up to 200cc air-cooled, two-stroke Single
-Up to 250cc liquid-cooled, four-stroke Single
-Up to 400cc air-cooled, four-stroke Single



-Open displacement two-stroke or four-stroke Single or Twin Cylinder Dirtbike
-Standard size wheels (must have 21-inch front wheel) and full (stock) suspension travel.
-Brake rotors, pads and lines may be upgraded, but stock brake calipers must be retained.
-"Open traction" tire choice. DOT tires are recommended.
-DR-Z400SM's may run in stock trim with original 17 inch wheels.


Youth Super Mini

-Must be 16 years or younger
-Up to 85cc two-stroke Single
-Up to 160cc four-stoke Single
-Must use a mini chassis


Youth Junior Mini

-Must be 16 years or younger
-Up to 65cc two-stroke Single
-Up to 125cc four-stoke Single
-Must use a mini chassis


Adult Pitbike

-Up to 85cc two-stroke Single
-Up to 130cc air-cooled four-stoke Single
-Must use a mini chassis

Adult Super Pitbike

-Up to 105cc two-stroke Single
-Up to 200cc air-cooled four-stoke Single
-Up to 150cc liquid-cooled two-stroke single
-Must use a mini chassis


-Up to 105cc two-stroke Single
-Up to 200cc air-cooled four-stoke Single
-Up to 150cc liquid-cooled two-stroke single
-Must use a mini chassis

Series Standings and Awards will include all classes that are held at all five events
except Open Money


Equipment Standards

-All bikes except minis must have footpeg sliders.-new rule for May 27th-
-All machines must have operating front and rear brakes.
-Headlight, taillight and turn signals must be removed or have their lens covered with tape.
-Center and side stands must be removed.
-All engine, transmission and final-drive-unit oil drain plugs must be safety wired or have a glob of silicone smeared upon the bolt head and adjoining surface.
-Cooling system must not contain anti-freeze. Tip: Use distilled water with WaterWetter added.
-will be inspected-
-Carburetor vent tubes must be routed into a catch bottle of at least 6 oz. capacity.


Number Plates

-Must have a suitable number plate surface on the front and both sides of the bike.
-Motocross or dirt track style plates are recommended.
-The plate's background color must contrast with the color of the numbers used so that you can be scored.


Approved Tires

-Any tire is allowed, but one of the following are recommended:
-Supermoto specific tires
-Class "C" dirt-track tires
-Roadrace slicks, cut slicks or rain tires
-DOT tire


Required Riding Gear

-Roadrace or dirt-track leathers are highly recommended.
-Motocross gear will be allowed, but must include knee cups, hip pads, elbow pads and a chest/back protector or heavy   enduro jacket.
-Boots must offer full ankle protection.
-Roadrace, street or suitably protective gloves.
-Undamaged full-face road or motocross helmet with face shield or goggles.


-For Questions, call Mike at 217-621-0000-


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